Let us celebrate with gratitude the birth of this great soul. Thanks to this great Master, hundreds of thousands of us benefit from Kundalini Yoga.

SPECIAL SADHANA with Master Kartar in the most genuine and original style. Bathe in the highest consciousness. Kartar studied directly with Yogi Bhajan after starting with the pioneers in Spain, Guru Dass Singh & Gurudass Kaur. Forty years at your service.


Japji sahib
Unpublished kriyas
Prolonged meditation
Prayer & Sat Naam

The sadhana performed in the ambrosial hours before dawn is the philosopher’s stone for a positive change in your life and a deep reflection on the knowledge transmitted by the masters.

Kundalini Yoga is considered “the mother of yogas”, through its dynamic techniques and naad meditation that leads to the domain of the mind, Raj Yoga, the awakening of Consciousness and knowledge of the True Self.

A healthy and fantastic experience!

The Word, yes, the Mantra of the Great Beings, frees us from our ego. Nanak has found that the Name of God is the Enclosure of Ecstasy. ” ~SGGS page 1002

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